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Love Notes
I have been working with Jo for the past couple of months. I have kept a journal (suggested by Jo) that I now write in before, during and after our sessions, which helps me to collect my thoughts and feelings and express them with Jo in the next session. Jo helps me to better understand myself, my feelings and thoughts by providing me with strategies to overcome obstacles in life.Already I have been able to increase self confidence, develop strategies to decrease negative self talk and practice self love. Jo has made an amazingly positive impact in my life and I will am excited for the rest of my journey with Jo in our upcoming sessions.
April Wilson Teacher
The work that I have done with Jo Kendall so far has been extremely inspirational and motivating. Jo is so passionate about what she does and has a wealth of knowledge in her field. In our sessions together she projects this passion and feeling that i’ve got this, i can do this and helps me realise my full potential and want to be my best self. Jo is a great mentor and life coach and someone to look up to, and I am so happy to be doing these sessions with her and i’m not even half way.
Ashleigh Russell Office Manager